Dream11 Secret Tricks & Tips to win more

No Matter on which fantasy cricket sites you play? These dream11 secret tips & tricks will help you win more money.

After spending a lot of time playing in Dream11, I had collected some effective tips that you must follow to improve your ranking and some important tricks that can help you win a league.

These tips and tricks are 100% legal and don’t void any of the T&C of Dream11.

Firstly, you need to know what dream11 is, as without knowing the thing, how can we master the thing.

What is Dream11??

Dream11 is a sports platform that permits users to play fantasy kabbadi, football, hockey, basketball, and cricket. It is India’s largest sports fantasy platform over 5 crore users. In April 2019 BCCI announced dream11 to be the official partner of Vivo IPL 2020 and it was also the first Indian gaming company to enter the ‘Unicorn Club’

It is a Game that offers Indian sports fans a platform to present their sports skills. Fans can create their own fantasy team made up of real-life players from upcoming matches, score points based on fantasy point system and compete with other fans.



This means Join those league which allows joining a limited number of Players. This could increase your winning chances.
Leagues having a little high joining fees increases the chance of your winning.

Most people underestimate the power of fantasy games and generally end up loosing. It depends upon your knowledge and skill.
Those you have just started playing fancy games shouldn’t play small leagues
Grand leagues are played among hundreds, thousands or even lacs of contesters. When beginners join such type of leagues, they lose in a continuous manner and eventually lose the winning mindset.

Make sure that you don’t get greedy like others. Joining small leagues like “winner takes all’ or “head to head” contest
will help to grow more.

#2 Understand the importance of toss.

True fans of cricket won’t need to think about this scenario. But if you’re someone who has just started out with cricket for the sake of money, then you should consider toss.

In cricket, whenever a weak team bats first, it usually loses the match. In such a case, we recommend you to pick all the best bowlers from the stronger team. We said so because batsmen from the weaker team tend to get out earlier than the stronger team.

If we consider the other way around, we must pick the top 5 batsmen from the stronger team. They will make more runs than the weaker once.


The most important trick to win a dream11 contest is to find out the venue of the match being played. The Fantasy team must vary according to pitch.

If its a batting friendly pitch, the team must consist of 4 and above strong and consistent batsman, always remember it is going to be a high-scoring match.

If its bowling Friendly Pitch, the team must consist of 5 bowlers and 3 all-rounders, remember its going to be a low scoring match, bowlers and all-rounders would be the best option for vice-captain and captain

#4 Picking Captain and vice-captain

Yes, picking Captain and vice-captain is the most crucial part of playing these fantasy games.

In Fantasy point system you are not awarded any extra points for your players. It is given points based on the performance of the players.
But in case of Captain and Vice-captain you get 2x and 1.5x points respectively that’s why its an important part to choose them wisely.

We recommend choosing the captain and Vice-captain from the different teams. Like if you are choosing the captain from team India choose vice-captain from Australia.

#5 Whom to choose batsman or bowler?

In the fantasy Point System, for each run, you get 0.5 points and for each wicket, we get 10 points.

Try choosing a bowler or an All-rounder as they can fetch points through bowling, fielding and batting as well. This is the most important point you should remember before joining a contest.

These are my dream11 secret tips and tricks to win more that I follow. I highly recommend you to follow these tips to win big and do comment about your experience.

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